About Us

Merchant Banking Services

Minerx funds and structures capital solutions for resource projects. Our corporate finance expertise includes arranging private placements, handling the going public process and managing the listing on all of the world's major stock markets.

Project Generation

Our senior management's collective experience in the resource and public markets sectors provides Minerx with an extensive network of prospectors, projects and deal makers across the globe. Sourcing new projects is a key component to our strategy and we welcome and reward the introduction of new resource opportunities.

Project Selection

Minerx invests in companies that target resource exploration and development in established locations with excellent access to infrastructure. We have a rigorous screening process that allows us to focus on early stage opportunities that have the potential to develop into significant and world class deposits given the right management, financing and structure.

Project Management

Minerx advances its resource projects by developing technically driven and efficient exploration programs designed to prove up resources to compliance standards. We match projects with our team of experienced team of geologists and the capital required to deliver results. Our team of geologists, engineers and field technicians are accomplished resource explorers whose expertise includes advanced data collection, geological modeling, resource assessment and quality assurance and control capabilities.

Exit Strategy

We are project developers and managers with a medium to long term investment horizon. We enter into each project with a clearly defined strategy for moving the process forward towards an eventual exit that is designed to maximize value for our stakeholders.