About Us

Minerx generates opportunities that bring resources to market. We combine our people and capital to create value for us and our partners.

Our head office team is based in Toronto, Canada, the epicentre for early stage resource exploration and development companies. We also have project specific offices in Quebec, British Columbia and Brazil. Our affiliated companies operate internationally in areas with excellent resource pedigree and stable political environments.

Our Strategy

  1. Source and acquire high quality resource assets
  2. Install the right capital and operational structures
  3. Develop the projects resource and technical aspects
  4. Manage the ongoing capital requirements throughout the going public process
  5. Provide for a public company listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange
  6. Manage the ongoing operational aspects of a publically traded resource company
  7. Create a strategy for wealth creation

Our Focused Approach

People - The team is the most fundamental component to success. We place a high emphasis on working with the best people available.

Project - We only select the projects that fit our investment criteria and have large resource potential

Value - We invest in projects that have the potential to be large in scale and deliver excellent returns

Process - We focus on operational efficiency to minimize risk

Capital - We fund projects with the capital necessary to generate our expected returns

Partnerships - We pair our opportunities with best in class partners